Monday, December 24, 2007

Hobos in Space

The Privateer Space sim supports 15,000 prims and more than 11,000 of them (as I am writing this) are still available for Aley Arai's amazing creativity to use. And yet, Aley already has not only one impressive build there but what is the equivalent of three sims stacked upon each other, all of them in a sci-fi theme.

Teleporting to the sim takes you to the top installation, the Galactic Truck Stop.

Use your chance to make a visit to the restrooms (word of advice: the restrooms for aliens are more fun than the ones for humans). Browse through the shopping area even if you can't buy anything (first sign that Aley is a true hobo) and don't mind the hobo robot (a hobot?).

Then start exploring. Wander through the asteroid mines, check out the latest contraband...

and admire some beautiful sky views.

But that's not all, not by far. I told you that this sim is the equivalent of three. Fly down and you'll get into the second installation, the "Hotel New California".

I overheard Aley herself in the hotel saying "people are supposed to get completely lost in here". Oh yes, the music (the Eagles' "Hotel California") that keeps playing there should tell you this as soon as you get into the hotel: "you can never leave". It is a maze of look-alike corridors but every room is decorated differently.

But I found my way around and I managed to leave and probably so will you. Good thing too, because, in typical fashion, there is more to explore on this same installation. You can find an abandoned space ship...

and you can find what probably happened to the ship's crew if you too get "assimilated" by the borg.

Get de-assimiliated, the borg ship is beautiful but you don't want to spend your life as a borg. And once again fly down, to the bottom installation. Which, in fact, is four smaller installations in four quadrants. My favorite of the four is the hobo (or hobot as I like to think of them) camp.

I have already been to the sim several times over the last few days and I am still amazed. The first time I went there I immediately ran into a few people who were ardently speculating on whose alt Aley is (Aley's rez date is 8/6/2007). I am more curious about how Aley's creativity will make use of all those prims still available.

(Aley was here and it's all HER SIM.)


  • My friend Aleister Kronos has beaten me to reviewing this sim. He loves it too and he has some more pictures.
  • I wrote this post several days before finally publishing it and the sim has already changed. Strictly speaking, it is under construction (it may be so forever), but don’t wait and visit it soon.